I have personal and professional experience with neurodiversity; disability; and gender, sexual, and relational minority (GSRM) communities. While I choose to limit what I disclose about this experience in public settings, I welcome enquiries from potential clients and will answer most questions that are asked in good faith. The history of the psychology field gives neurodivergent, disabled, and GSRM people every reason to distrust practitioners, and it is important to me that you feel safe in our work together so that you can progress towards whatever goals it is that you have.

My native language is English. I also speak Italian at an advanced level and Spanish at a basic level (though I understand significantly more Spanish than I can speak). I have a basic understanding of how AAC systems work and would be happy to learn more about any particular system you may use. I am also happy to use text-based communication in session. Eye contact is not expected, and I encourage the use of stim toys, fidgets, and any activity (such as knitting or drawing) that may help relax or focus you. I am however not able to offer art or music therapy.

Distance counselling

Following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I switched to offering only distance counselling. At this time I have no plans to return to in-person appointments. I have found that online counselling has offered a lot of flexibility to accommodate diverse communication needs. I primarily use the secure video calling service available through my health records system, but I am open to using other video calling services. I am also open to audio-only or text-only sessions, or a combination of modes. If you use AAC devices, there is the possibility of screen-sharing. I am happy to negotiate other forms of communication I may have missed from this list.


To schedule a first appointment with me, I ask that you either contact me via the form on this website or email me at . I am happy to discuss questions or concerns you may have about counselling either via email or by phone prior to booking our first session. Due to the nature of my schedule and my own needs, I may be slow to return phone calls or ask that we schedule a time for a call.



My website is viewable in OpenDyslexic for ease of reading. I have tested its compatibility with screen readers, and I have chosen simple design elements to minimise sensory difficulties and maximise legibility.